40 Heartwarming Activities to Share With a Parent Battling Dementia

40 Heartwarming Activities to Share With a Parent Battling Dementia

As the saying goes, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” This becomes particularly apt when considering individuals navigating life with a parent who has dementia. While the condition may alter the fabric of a familiar relationship, it doesn’t erase the deep bond and shared moments that define familial love. For those looking to enrich the lives of their parents amid a dementia diagnosis, here’s a thoughtful list from 4 Seasons Home Care of 40 undemanding yet significant activities to treasure every day.

Recreate Special Pastimes

Rekindle cherished memories by revisiting activities that were once shared.

  • Craft together, focusing on simple, gratifying projects.
  • Cook a favorite family recipe and savor those comforting aromas.
  • Watch golden oldies, a film genre that holds familiar warmth.
  • Listen to a playlist of nostalgic, beloved tunes.

Memory Game Night

Engaging in cognitive-stimulating activities is beneficial for both mental agility and reconnection.

  • Play ’20 Questions’ to test recall and critical thinking.
  • Try board games with an emphasis on word associations or memory matching.
  • Puzzles are a fantastic, gentle workout for the brain.
  • Pull out old photo albums and reminisce about treasured moments.

Sensory-Stimulating Exercises

Utilize the senses to facilitate joyful moments and interaction.

  • Gardening can provide a delightful dose of nature and tactile experiences.
  • Kinetic sand or Play-Doh allow for creative, relaxing touch play.
  • Scented stickers and art supplies add a multisensory component to crafts.
  • Incorporate soft fabrics or objects with interesting textures for tactile exploration activities.

Mindfulness and Quiet Moments

Encourage calm and less-stressful times for reflection.

  • Share quiet reading sessions in a comfortable setting.
  • Guided meditations for calm and centeredness.
  • Explore adult coloring books for a pastime that promotes focus and tranquility.
  • Simplify and organize a workspace or living area for clarity and order.

Physical Activities

Safe and undemanding exercises can maintain mobility and health.

  • Take leisurely, guided walks in safe, familiar environments.
  • Chair yoga and stretches can improve flexibility and mood.
  • Balloon volleyball is a fun, low-impact way to keep joints limber.
  • Swimming or water aerobics activities can be a serene, buoyant workout.

Social Interactions

Including others in the care and connection brings variety and social benefits.

  • Organize visits with family and friends, keeping gatherings small and familiar.
  • Encourage phone calls and brief, uplifting conversations with loved ones.
  • Virtual meetups can bring distant family members together without the need for travel.
  • Pet visits or animal-assisted therapy can bring great comfort and joy.

Community Engagement

Continue involvement in local happenings and routines.

  • Attend church services or community group meetings.
  • Join a senior center for tailored, supportive outings.
  • Participate in community art or hobby clubs.
  • Local library storytimes or events designed for all ages can still be delightful and engaging.

Seasonal Delights

Embrace the charms of the changing year with relevant activities.

  • Decorate for holidays with thematic crafts and cozy ephemera.
  • Seasonal cooking and baking, tailoring the joy of familiar activities to the calendar.
  • Look out for natural phenomena, such as the colors of autumn or the blooming of spring.
  • Seasonal music playlists invite the atmosphere of different times of the year.

Laughter and Play

Infuse every day with moments of playfulness and joy.

  • Silly dress-up or cosplay can spark laughter and creativity.
  • Joke books or humor-themed activities to keep spirits high.
  • Finger painting and other messy play activities are reminiscent of children’s joy.
  • Gentle, playful teasing can reinforce intimacy and warm retains.

Daily Routine Enrichment

Simple enhancements to familiar schedules bring new vitality.

  • Set a regular time for a daily walk or exercise, fostering a beneficial routine.
  • Maintain a daily journal together to anchor time and preserve memories.
  • Arrange a daily call or visit from a consistent, trusted caregiver.
  • Practice relaxation techniques together to manage any stress or anxiety that may arise.

Support and Acknowledgment

Ensure that emotional needs and the dignity of the individual are met.

  • Regularly communicate love and support in clear, heartfelt words.
  • Offer affirmations and reminiscences about accomplishments and life milestones.
  • Schedule regular self-care breaks to maintain one’s own emotional well-being.
  • Seek support from Alzheimer’s and dementia services for further ideas and community connection.

Engaging in activities with a parent who has dementia is a beautiful path to fostering connection even amidst the condition’s challenges. Remember, the primary goal is not productivity or completion of tasks, but the shared experience and the joy it brings to both participants. Each day is a gift, and these activities are an opportunity to celebrate life and a shared history of love and care. Enjoy every moment.  No matter how small, they are precious and irreplaceable. So take the time to connect with your loved one and cherish every memory. To learn more about caring for parents or other loved ones who require memory care, please schedule a consultation with us by clicking here.

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