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Our personalized home care services relieve you from having to choose between your busy life and caring for your loved one.

You shouldn't have to put life on hold.

The transition from hospital or skilled nursing to home after a stroke is challenging for the whole family. If your loved one needs help settling into their new routine, our caregivers can offer expert support such as:

  • Supervising prescribed physical and occupational therapy Cognitive stimulation with guidance from licensed therapists to improve skills
  • Assistance and teaching for bathing, grooming, dressing, and meals
  • Prevention of secondary symptoms associated with inactivity such as stiff joints, falls, bedsores, and pneumonia
  • Restoration of ability to perform independent activities as soon as possible after the return home
  • Our caregivers are there to assist in both mental and physical stimulation to promote a speedy recovery. Give your loved one the personalized, one-on-one stroke care they won't get from assisted living

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