Our Team of Home Care Professionals

Meet our Home Care Experts that make dependable care possible.

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As a Registered Nurse for over 36 years, Lou Ann’s mission has always been to further high-quality, reliable, and compassionate care at home. She has grown 4 Seasons from scratch into one of the most respected home care companies in metro Atlanta.

Lou Ann and husband John reside in Kennesaw with a combined family of six children, six grandchildren, and a cat. Lou Ann loves to bake, read, travel, and spend as much time as possible with family and friends.

4seasonscare. home care professionals

Luke Simonetti


From being the youngest manager at a successful local restaurant in his teens to becoming a founding member of several high-growth startups, every business environment of Luke’s career has immediately thrust him into a leadership role. Luke manages day-to-day operations at Southern Crescent Care with a skill set actively furthering the company’s goal of better serving clients and staff.


Harrison Funk


Harrison is a Georgia native with family spread across middle and north Georgia. With inspiration from his love of sailing, at 12 years old, Harrison started a distribution company for one of the world’s largest sailboat manufactures. Now, after selling multiple businesses and watching his family struggle with poorly managed home care companies, he brings his love of challenge and reform to healthcare.


Judith Olson

Billing and Payroll Director


Michelle Pennington, RN

Nursing Supervisor

home care professionals

Lisa Thombley

Business Development

home care professionals

Anthony Peduri

Software & Infrastructure Specialist

Fascinated with technology from an early age and being the youngest of eight kids, Anthony’s desire has always been to use his tech skills to help others. After years of hands-on caregiving experience, he is now eager to serve clients and staff through the implementation of technological practices.

Expert Home Care Professionals

At 4 Seasons Care, we are proud to have a team full of expert home care professionals. Each member is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and support to seniors. These individuals have extensive experience working with seniors and are trained in various aspects of elderly care, including medication management, mobility assistance, and personal hygiene.

Committed to going above and beyond our home care professionals ensure that our clients feel comfortable, safe, and well taken care of. Whether you require a few hours of support or around-the-clock care, our expert home care professionals are here to help.

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