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The “What is Home Care?” podcast by 4 Seasons Home Care is boldly exploring the conversation around the complex and sensitive world of home care, assisted living, and caring for aging loved ones. 

 Our show exists to equip listeners, regardless of where they’re at in their journey with home care, with valuable, practical knowledge from real home care professionals in the industry. Our podcast provides a practical and nuanced understanding of the many options available for in-home care services, including the various types of home care and the benefits and limitations of each.

Through the podcast, listeners are empowered with the tools to make informed decisions about home care and gain valuable insights into the experiences of others. Every episode or interview is engaging and guided by questions and personal stories that draw listeners in and keep them invested in the conversation.

At its best, we hope to make the “What is Home Care?” podcast the most trusted, authentic, and authoritative resource on the web, providing listeners with the information needed to make confident and informed decisions about in-home health care services. 

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  • The Value of Inpatient Rehabilitation
    Special Guest Interview
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • Navigating Delusions and Cognitive Challenges in Senior Care
    Join us in this informative episode as we explore the topic of delusions and cognitive challenges in senior care. Harrison engages in a conversation with Joan Carlson, an expert in elderly care, to discuss the various scenarios that arise when seniors experience cognitive decline and develop delusions. They look into the differences between delusions, paranoia, […]
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • Understanding Agitation and Anger in Cognitive Decline
    In this episode, Harrison and Joan delve into the recurring issue of agitation and anger that often arises in the context of cognitive decline, particularly among senior loved ones. They discuss the importance of understanding the underlying causes and finding effective tools to navigate these challenging situations. Joan shares valuable insights on differentiating between dementia […]
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • Reimagining Elder Care: Embracing Participation and Personal Growth
    Join Harrison and Joan Carlson in an insightful conversation about transforming the paradigm of elder care. In this episode, they explore the evolution of care for seniors, challenging the traditional medical model, and the importance of empowering seniors to actively participate in their own lives. Discover how shifting our approach from doing for them to […]
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • Navigating Tough Decisions in Elderly Care: Balancing Safety and Independence
    In this episode, Harrison and Joan discuss a challenging situation in elderly care. Harrison shares a case where a client's mother adamantly refuses home care services and moving to a care facility, despite being at risk of falls and unsafe conditions at home. The family faces a tough decision in ensuring their mother's well-being while […]
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • Navigating Aging: Exploring End-of-Life Choices and Mental Health
    Join Harrison and Ms. Joan as they delve into a thought-provoking conversation about aging, end-of-life decisions, and mental health. In this episode, they address a crucial question: should families encourage their aging loved ones to keep fighting or support their desire to wind down? They discuss the complexities of navigating an individual's wishes, exploring factors […]
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • Creating a Safe Home Environment for Aging Parents
    In this episode, Harrison and Joan Carlson discuss the importance of creating a safe home environment for aging parents who choose to receive long-term care at home. They delve into the significance of conducting a thorough house audit to ensure safety and comfort. Joan shares valuable insights on various aspects of the home that should […]
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • Embracing Aging: Debunking Common Misconceptions and Celebrating Seniors
    Join Harrison and Ms. Joan Carlson in an enlightening conversation as they explore the common misconceptions surrounding aging and the remarkable experiences seniors have to offer. In this episode, they challenge the stereotypes that often limit the potential of older adults and discuss the importance of understanding the normal aging process. From debunking myths about […]
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • Communication amongst disagreements
    In this podcast episode, Harrison discusses with Joan how to communicate effectively among family members when there are disagreements regarding the care of an aging parent. They highlight the importance of recognizing family dynamics and past resentments that can influence communication. They recommend involving everyone in the family, including the older person being cared for, […]
    4 Seasons Home Care
  • One size doesn't fit all in home care
    In this episode of What is Home Care?, we discuss the complexity of how in the realm of home care, one size does not fit all in building a personalized care plan.
    4 Seasons Home Care