Happy elderly woman with hat in the garden

My 79 year old mom is my 86 year old dad’s caretaker. My mom fell and broke her shoulder recently. I had just attended a meeting at Piedmont Church the week prior on caretaker information. Little did I know that I would need this service so quickly. I called 4 Seasons. Lou Ann came to meet with my mom and me and was assigned the nicest caretaker in our home 2 days later. We really loved the one-on-one service from the owner. We told Lou Ann of all our concerns. 4 Seasons came to our rescue. I was so pleased with the lady they sent to us. She was sent straight from heaven. She feels like family. Not only did they take care of my father with Alzheimer’s, they helped my mom after shoulder surgery. I can’t tell you how much having 4 Seasons in my parent’s home helped me feel at ease during my time at work. I checked on them daily, but knowing my parents were taken care of was utterly amazing and comforting to me. My mom is doing much better and we have suspended the service for now. I have the 4 Season’s number in my phone so I can call for any additional assistance and Lou Ann assures me she will have help as soon as I need it. Thank you 4 Seasons, you are indeed a lifesaver!

Melanie B.,